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I sit down and Skype with my old buddy John Davison (Industry vet, and my manager/partner on Screen Tear). We share some whiskey and talk about the Witcher 3 (and Hearts of Stone), Destiny, and YouTube. 

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Dave Justus Skypes in to talk Lifeline, comics, choose your own adventure books, and how to make your dreams come true. Well, sorta. It's not as corny sounding as all that, but we do talk about what got us to where we both are today. 

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I sit down with Conor Murphy (after having tried out the intense steering wheel, pedals, and ass shaker) to talk Forza 6, Project Cars, and car video games in general.


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Calina Joyce (Her Interactive) joins me to talk adventure and hidden object games, Nancy Drew, as well as Steam game Reverse Crawl, Skyrim, Portal 2, and voice acting. 

And also talk in southern and british accents. Sorta.



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Lauren stops by to hear about SOMA, discuss her fascination with Prune, and talk about video games as art. We also check out some stats on women gamers, and discuss sci-fi movies. 


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@JeffMattas (Weekend Confirmed, Narcosis) joined me to talk Madden 16, Until Dawn, Between Me and The Night, interactive fiction/adventure games, Narcosis, VR, Apple TV, and SMB 3.

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Christopher Lefebvre aka @Tiger__Uppercut virtually stops by to talk games.

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Another old coworker of mine from IDG joins me on the podcast to talk Heroes of the Storm, Witcher (again!), City Skylines dlc, the racetrack he works at, and why a guy stuck a PS4 down his pants.

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I sit down (virtually) with old friend Alex Wawro (Gamasutra) and talk Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Galak-Z, Gamescom, Hearthstone, Xbox cloud power, Steam, and Phil Spencer. Also, we geek out over this device Alex got to play called the Pippin (by Apple Computers?!).
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Kinsey and her brother (AJ) stop by to talk Witcher 3 (again!), but more specficially Gwent. We also talk Life is Strange, Quantum Break, Ojipockle, Catlateral Damage, Niki Minaj, Fallout 4, Destiny, and DOTA (a bit). 

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