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We're back! Brad joins me to discuss Mass Effect, Nier, Deadlight, and SONY VR.

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In this solo (and quick) episode I give you my thoughts on all this PewDiePie antisemetic video bizness. REAL TALK.

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Rey and I talk Resident Evil 7, Dead Rising 4, and Uncanny Valley (it's creeepy). Also this show was a live video version so the audio file is a bit large. Sorry.

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Rey and I talk about Pit People, Yakuza 0, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and more! Also I eat more cupcakes .. sorry.

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Rey Perez (Gameskewer) and I talk Star Ocean, Final Fantasy 15 spoilers, Let it Die, some Nintendo news, and cupcakes.

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Brad and I discuss Let it Die, Mount and Blade Warband, Nier Automata, Resident Evil 7, Stardew Valley, Nintendo Switch, and our current political landscape (and how we can come together).

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I talk about beating Dishonored 2 (and how I loved it), Quantum Break (and how I was surprised by it), and about starting .. yes I said starting .. Mass Effect.

I know I know. I'm awful.

Also, tweet me what games YOU'RE playing to @onawa or @videogamebreak!

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