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Casey Doran (Radio vs. The Martians and Podcasta La Vista) chats with us about Krai Mira, File sharing, emulators, mini Nintendo, and Pokemon Go (again).

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Superfan of the show Corey Motley joins Brad and I to discuss INSIDE, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, how people find new games, and weird sounds on YouTube.

Inside review (Corey):

*Sorry the audio was a bit distorted, i'm getting a new mixer this week .. I swear.

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Rey Perez stops by and we talk No Man's Sky, Pokemon Go, Technomancer, EGM, setting expectations, Overwatch, and Hackmud. Also Blk Water. 

Check out their yummy and healthy water at

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Kinsey joins Brad and I on our comeback episode! We talk E3 2016, Technomancer, Divinity Original Sin, DashBored, 7th Dragon III: Code VFD, 3DS, Vita, heart palpitations, Voltron, and video game porn. 

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