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Brad and I discuss the PS Vita, and old PC Engine game Gekisha Boy, The Division, and GDC (sorta). (carlos) (brad)


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LIVE at the Raygun Lounge with Brad Gallaway, Kinsey Burke, and Kelsey Lewin! Also you get an achievement if you finish the podcast, because the audio had some 'issues'. We had a high end .. thing ... going on, and a semi loud crowd around us .. so kudos to you if you made it to the end!

Also, Kinsey and I look drunk as hellllll in the thumbnail for this episode.

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Brad and I discuss The Division, Salt and Sanctuary, difficult video games, a tangent about why some people play games, and Playstation VR release date and price.

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Brad and I discuss the Hitman Beta, Broforce, Far Cry: Primal, The Count Lucanor, Flame in the Flood, Nintendo NX, D4, and E3.

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