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Paul Furio and Brad Gallaway join me to talk Far Cry Primal, The Witness (one last time), Dying Light: The Following, Nintendo NX, Refunds, Pokemon (sorta), and gaming memories. 

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Brad Gallaway and Steve Haske join me to talk Firewatch (no spoilers), Unravel, Fallout 4 updates (which goes over REAL WELL), and sorta about how we're all over The Witness.

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Kelsey stops by to talk Final Fantasy Explorers, Steam games, RPGs, Yokai Watch, and old school strip poker games. Also we get a special insert segment from Hops and Heroes discussing their take on FF Explorers (and they say our outro which touched my heart something special!).


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No intro music this episode. Why? Well, we had our mixer go on the fritz and we lost a couple episodes. HOWEVER we saved this conversation with Brad's voice memo feature. Thanks smart phones!

AJ Burke joins us to talk mind powers, The Witness, The Division, This War of Mine: The Little Ones, Gemini: Heroes Reborn, and hot dog pizza.


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