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Brad Gallaway and I talk about Crashlands, Dead Space 3 (and games made for co-op), Pony Island, The Witness, Gear VR, and Conan on the 360 for some reason. Then end up going into a discussion about game gore and later indie games. Also, I used 'Take on me' as the theme music .. because of the whole 'having sex with yourself' bit we get into.

Get it? Take .. on ... me. #sorryforthelamejoke

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Brad Gallaway and I discuss the indie game Oxenfree (with conflicting opinions), Punch Club, Tharsis, and The Deadly Tower of Monsters.

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Kelsey Lewin stops by to talk Virtual Reality, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Dragon Age Inquisition DLC, technology, and biohacking.


Kelsey's Podcast

Weird Fallout 4 USB glitch


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