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I run through my top 10 games of the year (with some honorable mentions), and then rattle off some of your favorite indie, portable, and iOS/Android favorites.

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I try out a solo episode of Video Game Break and give you my thoughts on Super Mario Run, Final Fantasy 15, and StarDew Valley. 

Also, do you like this style? And if so .. what should it be called?

Also, what's your favorite games of 2016? Tweet me at @videogamebreak or @onawa and i'll mention them on next episode. You can also email me them at

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Rey and I talk about Watch Dogs 2 NPCs, Final Fantasy 15, Let it Die, and The Game Awards.

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Rey Perez joins me to talk Watch Dogs 2, Even the Ocean, Pokemon Sun and Moon, game immersion, fake news, and Yakuza.

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Brad and I discuss going back to Skyrim, Watchdogs 2, The Walking Dead No Man's Land, Even the Ocean, Nintendo Switch price, Farming Simulator, annnnnd racism.

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Amy Hill joins me to talk Skyrim Special Edition, Mad Max, seeing the PS4 through her eyes (she just got one), PS4 Gifs, over saturation of game news, Animal Crossing, Lifeline, and ways to deal with the election results.

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Evie Powell and I go through the history of virtual reality, and I explain why I hate The Walking Dead.

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Kelsey Lewin (Game Blitz Podcast, Pink Gorilla) joins me to talk PRGE, Spider, Nintendo Switch, Bethesda and game reviews, and Gamestop buying retro games.

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I discuss the pros and cons of the new Nintendo Switch with Nick and Brad, in 2 segments of hot Nintendo Switch action! We also talk Mafia 3 (one last time), and Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Logan Fieth (Lo Fi) and Albert Shih (Pillow Castle) join me to talk indie games, four sided fantasy (Logan's game), Museum of Simulation Technology (Albert's game), and I give my review of Mafia 3.

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