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I sat down with Chaz (aka Charles Simmons) and Jerome Woody to talk some Nintendo, Fallout 4, Emulators, and Steam. We talk about what's up with Nintendo, discuss if you should buy a Steam box, and I mention problems I have base building in Fallout 4.

Chaz Bazz on YouTube

Jerome Woody:

The controller Jerome has (and i'm getting!):

Pico-8 game creation we were talking about:

If you make a game with it - share it with us!

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I sit down with Casey Doran (of Radio vs. The Martians Podcast) and take a deeper dive into Fallout 4. We talk companions, scope of the game, Bethesda RPGs, bugs, and funny Fallout 4 stories.

Check out Casey's podcast:

and his new podcast about Arnold:

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Kinseys back!!! We're joined by Kelsey and we talk Fallout 4 ... for awhile! No spoilers (one minor minor spoiler, but I warn you in the podcast when it's gonna happen).

Check out Kelsey's new podcast:

And you can find Kinsey on Twitter and occasionally on

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I chat with Nate Schmold (maker of Cosmochoria) and we talk indie game development, making your own record label, and YouTube.


Get his game here:

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Scott Liberto joins me via Skype to talk retro games (Athena on NES), arcades, pinball, and some steam games.

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