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Another old coworker of mine from IDG joins me on the podcast to talk Heroes of the Storm, Witcher (again!), City Skylines dlc, the racetrack he works at, and why a guy stuck a PS4 down his pants.

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I sit down (virtually) with old friend Alex Wawro (Gamasutra) and talk Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Galak-Z, Gamescom, Hearthstone, Xbox cloud power, Steam, and Phil Spencer. Also, we geek out over this device Alex got to play called the Pippin (by Apple Computers?!).
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Kinsey and her brother (AJ) stop by to talk Witcher 3 (again!), but more specficially Gwent. We also talk Life is Strange, Quantum Break, Ojipockle, Catlateral Damage, Niki Minaj, Fallout 4, Destiny, and DOTA (a bit). 

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I Skype with Jose San Mateo of, and we talk for AWHILE! It was rad, and we kinda covered everything. Including: The Long Seige, Rocket League, Rymd Resa, Angry Birds 2, Oculus, and MORE Witcher 3.


Witcher / Dragon Age comparison

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