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Adam Lang (comedian) and Chaz Bazz (YouTuber) sit down with me to talk never ending RPG's, Q.U.B.E, Life is Strange, virtual reality (again), and storage space running out on consoles.

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We had another live podcast at the Raygun Lounge (one of our favorite places!), and it got a little cray cray. Guests: Atticus Wiman, Lauren Hall Stigerts, Adam Lang, Nathan Martin, Brad Gallaway, Taylor Bartle, Tony Gee, and of course my rad co-host Kinsey Burke. Enjoy!

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Carlos chats with Nathan Martin (SRGE, Microsoft, and Video Games Northwest), and Charles Porter (Microsoft, Project Spark) about making games, Mario Maker, Arcade Games, Super Chibi Knight, a new PS4, and a couple fun facts about Xbox One.


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