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Holly Green joins Kinsey and I to talk E3 2015 leftovers (but mainly Fallout 4).

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I got to finally sit down with Richard Garriott (aka Lord British) and geek out over Ultima 7, Ultima Online, and talk Shroud of the Avatar. I also added a segment after our interview where I run through some Ultima memories for games 1-9. Enjoy!

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I sat down with Jeff Cannata (DLC) and Ray Carsillo (EGM) for a couple quick chats about E3 2015. We were in South Hall and it was a TAD noisy, but that's the best I could do..E3 be crazy! 

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Nathan, Kinsey and I talk E3 in a hotel room down in LA. We discuss the press conferences, but then get into some very cool indie games we saw down there.

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Courtney Holmes (from stops by to talk Elder Scrolls Online, Splatoon, YouTube Gaming, Witcher 3, and Virtual Reality. We also talk some heavy duty gaming topics, indie gaming, and games we're excited to see at E3.

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Pixelkin Podcast: Gaming with the Moms

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Robby Zinchak (8bit MMO) is back to talk about his new game March of Industry as well as Duck Game, Witcher 3, March of Industry, Fallout 4, Lego Worlds, E3 predictions, PC master race, the Holodeck, and more!


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Amber Vincent (Big Fish) stops by to talk about her collection of Gameboys, Destiny DLC, Hatred, Witcher 3, Defragmented, Skate, and stank faces while listening to electronic music.

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