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Atticus, Kinsey, and I sit down for only the second time ever (yes, they were right - we did all have a podcast together in episode 28)! We talk Witcher (2 and 3), Lifeless Planet, Fallout 4 rumors, and more.

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Casey Doran (of Radio vs. The Martians Podcast) stops by and talks games and stuff.


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We had a whole slew of people join us on this very special (and live) episode of the podcast. We talked Jotun, Fallout 4, Goat Z, Mario Kart, Virtual Reality, pink eye, Nintendo, Guild Wars 2, and more.

*side note: sorry, Kinsey's mic was a little low and she was a bit further away from it then the rest of us. Hopefully you can hear her well enough!


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Brad Gallaway (from stops by to talk Helldivers, Splatoon, Silent Hills being cancelled, Dying Light, Skyrim Mods, the size of the Witcher 3 map, and the Playstation Watch?

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Brad's other site:




State of Decay - Tips and Tricks


Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Skyrim Mods


Witcher 3 Map


Oculus Hiring


No Silent Hills


OUYA Up For Sale


Playstation Watch

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