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Paul Furio (from SyncBuildRun) stops by to talk about his upcoming episodic cyberpunk game V.Next. We also talk Lifeline, Apple Watch games, The Sheltered, Marvel teaming up with TellTale, and Skyrim mods costing money. 

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Garbage Day:

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Marvel and TellTale:

Skyrim Mods Being Sold:


World of Warcraft Movie Delayed:

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Holly Green (@winnersusedrugs) joins Kinsey and I to talk Titan Souls, Civilization 5, Virtual Reality, Mortal Kombat fatalities, Dishonored and Indie Games.

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Westerado: Double Barreled:


Lauren's MK article:

GTA in VR?

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Trade in old consoles at Gamestop:

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Steve Haske (from Unwinnable and Vice) sits down and talks about his experience with Bloodborne, Final Fantasy 15, and how it felt to play ALL the Resident Evil games back to back. We go on an Alien Isolation tangent and [spoiler!] are unimpressed with Nintendo's 3DS Street Pass updates.

I talk virtual reality and my frustrations with Dragon Age Inquisition and Lego Batman.


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Like Earthbound but creepy


Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture


Get VR now


Star Wars Battlefront Trailer


Brand new Mass Effect leaked


Unity and the New 3DS


Updates to 3DS Street Pass

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Kinsey and I sit down and catch up and talk games and game news. Also, Kinsey drinks really weird beer.







Games mentioned:




Captain Forever Remix


Hero Generations


The Snack World


Project Spark is free - Conker coming out for the platform:


Little Devil Inside:






Metal Jesus Rocks - Indiegogo Campaign


Farming Simulator coming to xbox one and ps4


Apple Watch RPG


Tony Hawk 5 leaked?


Silent Hills alive?


DENA layoffs


dragons dogma online

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Conor Murphy (Big Fish Games) and I sit down to talk Car Simulation in games, Rocksmith and guitars, how GTA could be better, and mobile games. We go over some of what happened in the newest Nintendo Direct, and I talk about how much I love Pillars of Eternity. 

Also tangents on a lot of different topics around games, culture, and science.


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