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I sit down with long time twitter friend, and all around awesome dude Andrew Crews. Also, if you like UFC stuff you'll get a little helping of that in this podcast as well. We're MMA nerds.






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We bring our podcast out on the road, and drink mayyyybe too much? Enjoy!


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Kinsey and I sit down with Holly Green and drink a lot, while talking DLC, Pokemon Shuffle, violence in video games, and cooking.

Holly's cookbook:

Holly on Twitter: @winnersusedrugs 

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Carlos sits down with sketch comedy guy Dan Hart to discuss Hearthstone, Hand of Fate, and GDC stuff. Also, there's tangents about quantum physics and comedy.

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Adam, Brent, and I sit down to talk Google AI, Endless Forest, Just Cause, Monster Hunter 4, World of Warcraft, Honey Butter french fries, Fifa, and playing games on the toilet (again).


Weird virtual reality dance thing:


Games most digtially downloaded:


Google AI story:


Pug's Life:


SONY to start crowdfunding and early access?


Honey butter french fries:


Forgot to mention this game - check it out:


Video Game Break Podcast LIVE (March 15th in Seattle)


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