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Two guests who were on our early version of the podcast come back to talk indie games, virtual reality, games they're working on, what they're playing, and discuss some game news.

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Scott an I chat on episode of 18 Video Game Break, and Dean and I chatted back in episode 8. Go back and check em out!


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Kinsey Burke and Evie Powell join me to discuss Minecraft, Saints Row IV Re-Elected and Gat Out of Hell, Microsoft news, The Walking Dead, and Hunie Pop. 


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Sean Richer (Big Fish) and Atticus Wiman join me to talk Nintendo Direct, mobile games, Wasteland 2, Skylanders, Steam machines, Fallout, and also eat pizza. On the mic. 


And also we create a band called The Compulsion Loop.

Also .. maybe sorry for that as well.


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Kinsey and Carlos talk about what they're playing (Game of Thrones, Peggle 2, DuckTales, Fantasy Life, Rollers of the Realm) talk some news, and discuss carlos's love for his new emulator device. 


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Laruen and Nate joined me (after a trip to Pizza Hut) to talk games we're playing and new games coming out in 2015.

* Sorry yall. We had some technical glitch with our remote setup, but I thought i'd release the episode anyways because there was some really great conversation.


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