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I sat down with my good buddy Cor Bader and Jason Sacks (of Comics Bulletin) and we discussed video games based on comics, and a few comics based on video games.

*Note: We lost a good 45 minutes or so of comic conversation due to some annoying buzz that I was not going to make you deal with. It was darn annoying. We'll have Jason back and talk JUST comics next time! Most likely in January!

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Returning (some might say regular) guest Robby Zinchak and I discuss the anatomy of an RPG, RPG Maker, Robby's recent PewDiePie game jam, and create a game on the show .. sorta. Subscribe to us on the iTunes or Stitcher and leave a hello! 

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Download his game and vote for Robby as part of the PewDiePie Game Jam!

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Kinsey Burke (back in action!) and Brad Gallaway ( and I talked Dragon Age Inquisition, Escape Dead Island, Far Cry 4, Game Awards, and more.

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I sat down with Atticus Wiman (with our new podcast setup + drinks) and talked old school RPGs, Mother 4, Home, difficult games, Fallout, Playstation Vue, Assasins Creed Unity, Luftrausers, and more.


What are your thoughts on Unity possibly being rushed out the door, Playstation Vue, old school RPGs, and Mother 4?





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