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Video Game Break Podcast - Episode 25

I'm joined by Kinsey Burke and Nathan Martin to discuss what we're all playing, what we're DONE with playing, what we're excited to play, and some news. Also, we do top 10 lists and drink. A lot.




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Kinsey joins Carlos to talk about Destiny, Diablo 3, and TGS news. Also, they both admit they don't like Minecraft. Spoiler. Also .. please don't hate them. They know not what they do.



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I sat down with Jason (Metal Jesus Rocks) after a taping of my new show Crazy Time Video Games, and we discussed old school games, collecting, british accents, powerful drinks, and the life itself. Ok, maybe not that heavy duty .. but we do find out how he became known as the Metal Jesus.

Special note: The beginning of the episode is a bit quiet - we fixed it pretty early in. Cheers!

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