Truth and games. Game reviews, news, and tangents.

A podcast about video games! Carlos, Justin, and Atticus go through 3 stages of gaming discussion. Hard Retro Games, Dragon's Dogma and ESO, Sega Genesis vs. Turbografx, and Facebook and Oculus Rift.

Hyper Stage : What games we're playing, excited about, or just started playing.

Turbo (Retro) Stage : We ask the question - What was the hardest video game you played in the past, and did you eventually beat it?

Super (Battle) Stage: We pit Turbografx-16 agains the Sega Genesis.

News: We discuss the recent acquistion of Oculus Rift by Facebook.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the different stages each week. Drop us a comment on iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, or!

Twitter: Carlos Rodela - @onawa

Justin Minich - @AxonSpark

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