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We're back! Brad joins me to discuss Mass Effect, Nier, Deadlight, and SONY VR.

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In this solo (and quick) episode I give you my thoughts on all this PewDiePie antisemetic video bizness. REAL TALK.

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Rey and I talk Resident Evil 7, Dead Rising 4, and Uncanny Valley (it's creeepy). Also this show was a live video version so the audio file is a bit large. Sorry.

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Rey and I talk about Pit People, Yakuza 0, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and more! Also I eat more cupcakes .. sorry.

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Rey Perez (Gameskewer) and I talk Star Ocean, Final Fantasy 15 spoilers, Let it Die, some Nintendo news, and cupcakes.

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Brad and I discuss Let it Die, Mount and Blade Warband, Nier Automata, Resident Evil 7, Stardew Valley, Nintendo Switch, and our current political landscape (and how we can come together).

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I talk about beating Dishonored 2 (and how I loved it), Quantum Break (and how I was surprised by it), and about starting .. yes I said starting .. Mass Effect.

I know I know. I'm awful.

Also, tweet me what games YOU'RE playing to @onawa or @videogamebreak!

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I run through my top 10 games of the year (with some honorable mentions), and then rattle off some of your favorite indie, portable, and iOS/Android favorites.

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I try out a solo episode of Video Game Break and give you my thoughts on Super Mario Run, Final Fantasy 15, and StarDew Valley. 

Also, do you like this style? And if so .. what should it be called?

Also, what's your favorite games of 2016? Tweet me at @videogamebreak or @onawa and i'll mention them on next episode. You can also email me them at

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